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04 July 2010 @ 10:58 pm

Some of my favourites:

You're an emotional fucking cripple. Your soul is dog shit. Every single fucking thing about you is ugly.

Maybe I don't give a shit. Maybe I don't remember the last time I blew my nose either.

If I wanted a joke, I'd follow you into the john and watch you take a leak.

You listening, your mother sucks fucking big fucking elephant dicks, you got that?

Interrogation Cop: You know what happens if you do another turn in the joint? Hockney: Fuck your father in the shower and then have a snack?

The day I need a friend like you, I'll just have myself a little squat and shit one out.

I fart in your general direction.
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03 June 2010 @ 11:17 pm
Trust Nole to lose, even when leading 6-3, 6-2, 2-0. In the quarterfinals of Roland Garros. Against Jurgen Melzer. A 29 year old veteran of the tour who hadn't ever been past the 3rd round of a grand slam before. Ugh ... the ignominy!

It wouldn't be so freakin' painful if he hadn't had such a huge lead and lost to a relative nobody in the second week of a grand slam tournament. It really just brings out horrible memories of his similarly hopeless loss to Tsonga at the quarters of the Australian Open this year, where he lost the first in a tiebreak, won the second in another tiebreak, appeared to comfortably win the third set and be in good position to win the fourth ... and then had diarrhoea or something. And completely lost the plot to let Tsonga just breeze past.

Something is fucked up with his serve right now. They say it all started once he got Todd Martin on board and he started trying to make some tweaks. I watched a YouTube video the other day of highlights from his 2008 Australian Open semifinal win against Roger Federer and it pains me to think I haven't seen him play that well in a while. I downloaded his Shanghai Masters '08 final win a while ago and he was playing some unbelievable tennis at that point of his career which I just don't think has come back. Maybe during some points last year ... not sure about this year. Nothing he's done at AO or RG this year has really been impressive or encouraging in terms of his capacity to win another major.

I just doubt whether he's mentally strong enough (and whether his tennis will start holding up and improving in key areas) to really make some waves again. I know this loss will take a huge amount from him. It's pretty devastating. But then again, devastation isn't anything new in sport. And I guess putting this loss in perspective, it's really not the end of the world. He did make it to the quarters, at least. Better than last year. It's his tennis that's concerning me. Like, what the hell was preventing him from holding serve (and maintaining his break) and just performing like he had been in the past 2 sets during that 3rd set? He just faced WAY too many break points and when he couldn't claw back from a losing position, he just let it slide, let Melzer back in who started playing well, and it all just snowballed downhill from there. I mean, credit to him for not losing the plot entirely (the fourth set, which ended in a tiebreaker, was an agonising 80 minutes, and the last set was 6-4, with Nole furiously disputing a pivotal line call which could've had him 0-30 up with Melzer serving for the match). But still. Not good.

Tennis is so disappointing sometimes (most of the time?). Why do I have this love-hate relationship with my favoured players (well, really only "player" now, considering Marat has retired) when essentially they have nothing to do with me and I put it all on myself anyway. I can't help but want Nole to do well and realise his full potential. When he's playing great it's pretty darn impressive. When he's playing not so great it's a painful thing I can't even bear to watch. Which is just so silly, because it means I can essentially never derive enjoyment from seeing him play unless it's a recorded match he's already won, or he's absolutely cruising. Which of course isn't always going to happen. It's like if I want to derive the happiness from his successes and triumphs, I have to similarly accept and swallow the losses, the slumps and the occasional devastation. Even Marat managed to win 2 grand slams. Can Novak do it? Who knows. But playing the way he's playing now, chances are not good.
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20 February 2010 @ 12:17 am

Evgeni didn't win. Evan won.

Anyway, interesting article I just came across. Some funny/interesting parts:
"I think we need to change the judging system -- a quad is a quad. If an Olympic champion doesn't do a quad, well I don't know...," said Plushenko, who later put his medal back on.

"Now it's not men's figure skating, it's dancing."

"The (figure skating) movement needs to go forward, not stand still and definitely not go back."

He also suggested the fact a north American had won was partly down to the fact the Games were in that continent.

"You don't have business right now in the U.S., your (skating) shows have closed. In Russia we have a lot of shows. So now you have an Olympic champion you will have sponsors and figure skating will go up a bit," he said.
Fairly predictable comments that I'm sure would be made about Evan being a pussy in not doing the quad, and comments about potential judging bias due to the Olympics being in North America.
Whether the 27-year-old Russian will compete in his home country's Games remains to be seen but he said he had no plans to go back into retirement, even admonishing his agent for suggesting to some reporters that he was going to quit.

"I need to learn a new quad," he grinned.

"I said before the competition I was going to accept any result ... Two silvers, one gold is not too bad."

His sobbing wife rushed over to him while he was talking to reporters. He gave her a big hug and some kisses, patting the red bobble on her woolly hat before getting back to the business of explaining what had gone wrong.
I'm glad at the very least it seems he won't retire immediately. But still, it's a long shot that he'd return to compete in 2014. That is 4 years away and he'll be 31 or something. It's a challenge just to stay healthy and injury-free for a year.

I would love to see a video of the press conference and poor distraught Yana. I totally understand, lol.

I dunno, I feel icky about Evan winning. His gross oily combed back hair, terrible overtanning, looking in his 30s when he's like 23, fug all-black outfits, not exactly super-inspiring programme, being a pussy about the quad (I actually agree with Evgeni about the fact men's figure skating SHOULD have the quad and I give kudos to Stephane and Takahashi who at least had the courage to ATTEMPT it even if they didn't perfect it). It just shits me that Evan now forever has the title of ~Olympic Champion~. Sigh.

Having said that, Plush was under. And it's quite unfortunate he honestly was convinced he won after his programme. His landings were a little shaky and apparently he missed a planned double after this initial 4-3. His spins were also really slow and I don't know about blowing a kiss in the routine (a little tacky whacky to me). So I concede that he wasn't at his best. However, considering that Evan won by 1.31 points WITHOUT the quad, instead relying on a fuckload of triples and not that much exciting shizz in between (except maybe the last 40 seconds), I'm still disappointed that Plush couldn't edge him out to become 2-time Olympic champion. Also I found Evan's fist pumping whilst still spinning in the last final seconds of his routine really annoying and premature. At least Plush had the sense to make celebratory gestures after his routine was over. But then of course there's all this hoo-hah about him appearing pissed off during the medal ceremony and those quad comments which the media pounced on as an attack on Evan. OK, I admit, he could've been more gracious. Maybe something was lost in the interpretation during his news conference, but it helps everyone (including himself and his fans) if he would just focus on the good of what he's achieved. I mean, I get that he's concerned about the future of the quad, but the scoring system isn't totally focused on that. What really bothers me is nationalism fuelling the debate but I can't say that haters aren't going to have more reasons to hate from how Plush has reacted to his "loss".

Anyway, there's no end to arguing about who should've won. The result is the result.

Also ... hilarious Mishin quote, obviously irate about Evgeni coming second to Evan:
“Any judge who thinks this is the right champion is a Cyclops. Without the quad, there is no difference between the men’s competition and the women’s. Why not let them skate together? Why not have it as a unisex competition in the Olympics?”
ETA: Found another article which says that he may retire.
Plushenko, 27, said figure skating has changed and he may quit the sport. "This may be my last competition. We will see," he said.
Well are you or aren't you.
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01 February 2010 @ 02:01 am
I feel obligated to make at least one AO post considering saying absolutely nothing would be such a turnaround from my onslaught of posts last year. Not that I haven't been closely following the action (it is my favourite Grand Slam of the year, due in large part to it being the only tennis tournament I have the luxury of intimately following for its entire duration). I have to say that something felt lacking in this year's tournament ... considering the AO has regularly hosted some memorable epics & a few of the most thrilling matches I've ever seen (e.g. Roddick v El Aynaoui QF 2003; Marat v Roddick AND THEN Marat v Agassi in the QF & SF respectively in 2004; Marat v Roger SF 2005—nothing else will ever compare, Nole v Fed SF 2008; Rafa v Verdasco SF & Rafa v Fed Final 2009). I didn't feel very engaged with this year's draw. Nole had a gift of a draw, not really being tested until the QF, which he lost in abysmal style 2-1 sets up. Rafa didn't look his best though he fought hard against Murray until he retired. Dinara retired. Baghdatis retired in much-hyped match against Hewitt, though he was playing shit anyway. Marat retired, only forever. Čilić v Delpo apparently a good match but never saw a second of it. Shining light was Čilić defeating Roddick, but even then it didn't mean much (and not that I watched it). Fed v Tsonga terminally underwhelming and utterly disappointing for a Grand Slam semifinal. Murray no hope against Fed, Fed wins 16th major, GOAT status reinforced, etc.

Well. Not all is lost. I did finally realise my latent love for one certain umpire who I've always appreciated and been drawn to but whose name I never knew. Until Whit told me "Unrick Malina or some shit is the umpire ... Enrich? No clue" during the Roddick v Gonzo match (which was yet another disappointment and a subset of the crowd woefully misbehaved, but anyway). I googled, found a spelling correction (Enric Molina) and a link to an article interviewing him with his picture, which confirmed it indeed was him. That was the QF, I'm not sure whether he chaired a match after that, but I was elated to discover he was selected to be the umpire for the men's final. The height of interest always occurs when I start taking pictures of the TV. This isn't even like following a player, when you can see their schedule and they have their own website and each televised match is at least 50% focused on them (or 75% if they're the higher ranked player, 95% if they happen to be Roger Federer). The only time you get to see an umpire is at the start of the match (flipping the coin – which I woefully missed because a) I didn't know he'd umpire the final and b) I was being driven back from dinner/grocery shopping & missed all the opening hoo-hah), or when a player challenges a call/argues with the umpire. I don't even know the next time I'll even see his face, so ... for the record.

"Ladies & gentlemen, Murray is challenging the call on the right baseline."

"The ball was called out."
~what does Hawk-Eye say~Collapse )

I really adore his demeanour when he's umpiring, he seems very attentive (always quick to call the score), calm, composed, utterly professional, sympathetic to the players and fair. I don't get any imposing, cavalier, arrogant, stiff, nervous or sloppy vibe from him. I love his voice, the slight accent, the musical, balanced tone. (Shit – I just realised that I missed all that part where the players shake his hand after the match ... probably too absorbed in the moment of Fed victory & Murray's loss.) Anyywaaayyy. Basically from the way he carries out his professional duties I just think he'd be a lovely man with a wonderful temperament, and I'm a sucker for goodness in others.

Just like I instantly feel sympathetic towards players who cry at trophy presentations (except Fed last year ... that was a little too much). I did feel for Murray when he was so emotional he just gave up mid-way through his speech because he didn't want to start breaking down in front of the microphone. Of course it didn't help that Roger was so elated (by his own admission) and chatty in his own speech. (Quite a contrast to Rafa, who was clearly concerned and moved by Roger's tears last year, such that Rafa couldn't even properly savour his victory.) Still, you can't argue that Roger just played better than Murray. At the end of the day, one's tennis speaks for itself.

Apart from Enric, another plus that can be taken from this year's AO is that Nole reaches a career-high ranking of #2 (at least according to a sloppy edit on his Wiki page from a fan who doesn't know how to spell February). Granted, Nole could've (and should've) reached that ranking last year had he beaten Jarkko Nieminen at Sydney, but at least it's happened. I said when the AO wrapped last year I had grave doubts whether Nole could keep his #3 ranking. He's elected to play less tournaments this year and still has a significant number of points to defend, so we'll see what happens throughout the year. In most respects 2009 was a decent year for him, particularly near the tail end when he won back-to-back tournaments in Basel & Paris. Hopefully the reduced schedule works to his advantage. Apparently Todd Martin is trying to get him to be a more offensive player & come to the net more, though hopefully not at the expense of his serve, which just about died in hell during the Tsonga match. And may Sergio Tacchini design him something better. Something more closely resembling what he used to wear with Adidas perhaps? You know I loved those shirts.
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25 January 2010 @ 11:36 pm
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20 June 2009 @ 06:10 pm

travolta voicing dawg, miley's right mix of youth & huskinessCollapse )

In Mariah's words herself, this movie is "too cute".
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P. KOHLSCHREIBER def. N. Djokovic

6‑4, 6‑4, 6‑4

Lol...in 3rd round. Shiteous (yes, that's my new favourite made-up word now, along with emohut) since many commentators were predicting he'd reach the final and maybe even threaten Nadal after their epic Madrid semifinal.

In Nole's words, "suddenly I haven't played in the last three Grand Slams the way I wanted, and I don't know ... I cannot allow myself to have such a bad performance as I had today. I cannot allow myself to be that defensive. This is not me. This is not my game."

He seemed quite positive and mature about the loss, and also praised his opponent on his win. Asked whether he was mentally exhausted this far into the season, he replied, "mentally I'm a little bit exhausted, yes. But still, that's not an explanation for my loss today. That's not excuse, for sure.

I mean, it's a Grand Slam. Look, you know, I'm one of the favorites to get far in the tournament. This cannot happen. Of course, it's all my fault, and I accept the responsibility. [...] I think it was just me and my head today. I don't want to blame anybody else."

Now Nole's quarter of the draw is wide open and pretty uninteresting. Whatevz, just let Rafa have his title already.
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Also, great article about the Roger/Rafa rivalry.
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12 May 2009 @ 01:13 am